How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses to Match Your Look

How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Eyeglasses to Match Your Look

Whether you wear glasses for fashion or prescription purposes, a pair that suits your face can really make a difference to your style. A pair of glasses can make a real statement, and if you have to wear them all the time because you need them, making sure you have a pair that look great on you is vital. Whether you decide to go for some thick-framed geek-chic glasses (like the range of black glasses found here) or a quirky pair of horn-rimmed specs, there is something for everyone.

Now fashion experts will always tell you that the shape of your face will inform you which pair is perfect for you, and they have set the rules out as follows:


The size of the frames on your glasses should be in scale with your face. Just like a pair of thick heels can give your legs a slimmer look, so too can a pair of thick frames. 

Everybody falls into the following 4 categories, Square, round, oval, and heart.

Look in the mirror and look at your features and decide what shape your face is. Once you have worked that out, it should be easier to pick a style that suits the shape of your face.


Square Face

If your face is square, you should look for frames that have a slightly rounded frame. This rounding will give the appearance of softening and balancing the aspects of your face. If you go for something that is too rectangular or angled, you will make the strong lines of your face more prominent, which is not the look you want.


Round Shape

If you have a more rounded face shape, you will probably have a curved jawline and a head that is similar in width as it is in length. If this is you, you will benefit from having frames that have straight aspects, such as a strong square frame or a rectangular rim. This takes focus away from the sides of the face and makes a strong statement.


Oval Shape

If your face is longer then wide, you probably fall into the oval category. Oval faces are the easiest to pair to a style because they look good with most styles of frame. The only thing you need to avoid with an oval face shape is narrow frames, and narrow frames give the appearance that your face is longer than it is. Our tip? Go for a pair of oversized plastic frames to make a real fashion statement.


Heart Shape

If your face is wide at the forehead with strong cheekbones and then narrow at the jaw, you probably fit into the heart shape category. If this is you, you will be best off choosing frames that add some proportion to your jawline. Go for thin or light metal frames with a thicker bottom half, and this will enhance the features on the lower half of your face.


If you are looking for a new pair of glasses, hopefully, we have made your decision easier with this article, thanks for reading.


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