Must Have Items on Your Dresser

Must Have Items on Your Dresser
Must Have Items on Your Dresser
Must Have Items on Your Dresser


When it comes to curating the top of your dresser, it’s important to make sure it looks just right. Your vanity is not only somewhere to get ready and have beauty products within arm’s reach, but it is also a design feature in your room. Having a dresser that looks just as good as it is useful will provide you with the satisfaction of a room that looks elegant and self-styled. If you are having a clear-out or would just like to add a little more organization to your room, then here are your must-have dresser items. 


Brush holders

How you store your brushes is entirely down to you, but having holders on your dresser helps to keep the surface free from dust and makeup smudges. Most women find it useful to have at least two pots to sort their brushes, as that way you can sort them between ‘clean’ and ‘not clean.’



For many women, perfume is not just what they spritz on their neck before heading to work but also the last flourish of any date night outfit. Having your favorite perfume bottle adorning your dresser is just as useful as it is pretty. Of course, most perfume bottles are elegant and add instant glamor to almost any table top, but what if you don’t have a trusty bottle to keep you smelling radiant? Browsing for women's perfume and experimenting with scents is the best way to find your perfect perfume – be brave and try something new.


Magnifying mirror

While many of us may use the door mirror on our closet or the full-length one that’s sat in the corner of our room to apply our lipstick, there’s nothing that really compares to a magnifying mirror. Whether it’s liquid eyeliner or some careful blending that needs to be executed, a tabletop mirror with one super-magnified side will enable you to apply your makeup with precision. 


Jewelry stand

One of the best ways to create a stylish dresser or dressing-table is to de-clutter it, and jewelry can often be the culprit of strewn and untidy items. Finding an elegant jewelry stand can make your gold and silver chains a luxurious focal-point. 


Magnetic board

If you have limited space on your dresser and are always looking for space-saving solutions, then a magnetic board could be your makeup savior. This utilizes the metal backing on makeup products to hold them against its surface and away from your dresser top. This means your most-used items are within arm’s reach, and don’t take up too much room.


A plant 

Sometimes it’s nice to have something solely for the purpose of decoration. Not only are plants great for the air quality of your room, but they add a natural touch of glamor. Even a pint-sized cactus could create the Instagram-worthy dresser of your dreams. 


Your dresser is a busy station. It’s your go-to place to get ready in the mornings and one that often receives discarded clothing tags and empty pots of moisturizer and foundation. Giving it a clean and re-shuffle will help to keep it in order. 

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