Tips on How To Hide and Avoid Thinning Hair

Tips on How To Hide and Avoid Thinning Hair

Thinning of hair is faced by both men and women. Though we all wish to have long, thick and voluminous hair but due to reasons like aging, stress, usage of harmful chemicals, over treatment of hair we face the issue of thinning of hair.

Aging is one of the most important reasons that contribute to the thinning of our tresses. If you too are facing the hair thinning problem then this article is going to be a great help to all of you. Today we are going to share some tricks and tips that will help you in hiding thinning of hair.

Let’s begin:

Take it off:

Going for long hair may not be a good idea if you are suffering from the hair thinning problem. If you snip a few inches of your hair and add some strategic layers to your hair then this trick can add an illusion of thick volume hair. Actually shorter hair adds extra volume to your hair as it is not weighted down. You can ask your hair stylist to cut hair short in layers and add some extra layers around your face with a fuller back. This will give a good volume to your hair.

Be choosy about the hair products you use:

Your daily hair care products matters a lot. Products like a shampoo stay on your scalp just for few minutes but they make lots of difference. Use a volumizing shampoo that adds volume to your hair. Go for a shampoo which is without sulphates, alcohol and detergents and which is not very hard on your hair as all these can further lead to hair thinning.

Blowing off:

Blowing off your hair really makes a difference. Going for a good blow out after washing off your hair can add good volume to your hair. This blowing off can be easily done at home with a tool such as the round brush. Blowing off your hair section by section may take some time but this is totally worth it!


Tips on How To Hide and Avoid Thinning Hair

Embrace your Grey Hair:

As we age, our hair turns gray. But do you know that gray hair expands the hair cuticle, thus adding some extra volume to your hair. But in case you are not in  mood to embrace your grays then go for touch ups on your root only once in a month and add highlights in 2 to 3 weeks. This practice will keep your hair thick and healthy.

Using color to your advantage:

Using a hair color intelligently can actually aid in hiding thinning of hair. The secret lies in finding the perfect balance between the light and dark shades. For example, very dark hair generally contrast with light color scalp thus hair thinning becomes easy to detect. Adding few highlights is very helpful in decreasing the contrast between hair and the scalp. Coming to light hair color, you can go for some dark highlights as we all know that dark hair look more voluminous as compared to light color hair.  

This trick comes with a disclaimer that adding too much hair color and using too much chemicals can add to further hair thinning so use hair colors after checking their pros and cons.

Get help:

There are some amazing products that add instant volume to your hair and are a blessing in disguise. The list of such products includes great hair extensions, hair toppers etc. In fact, if you add a hair topper with hair extensions then you can look like any celebrity who has always inspired you with her great and thick hair volume and beauty.

Last but not the least:

Here we are sharing some tips to add growth to your hair that in turn prevent hair loss (which generally leads to hair thinning).

Try out castor oil: Castor oil is very rich in proteins, minerals and Vitamin E which do wonders to your hair and skin. Castor oil improves the blood circulation thus adding to hair growth. Put the castor oil on your hair, leave it overnight and then wash it off the next day. By using the castor oil regularly, you can make your hair healthier, lustrous and can keep them moisturized.

Avoid hot water and hot showers:

Hot showers are a complete no for the health of your hair. Steam or hot water is a reason behind the dehydration of your hair. Go for a medium water temperature and then wash with cold water. This can be little difficult in winters but your hair will love this!


Tips on How To Hide and Avoid Thinning Hair

Take Vitamin H and Biotin supplements: Biotin and Vitamin H helps in adding health to your hair, nails and skin. You can eat extra supplements of Biotin and Vitamin H apart from eating healthy foods like almonds, banana, egg yolk and whole grains.

Keep your hair loose: tying your hair too tight can put strain on your hair thus making them prone to breaking and thinning. So make sure, you tie your hair loose to let me breath and stay tension free.

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