The Hottest Footwear for Autumn/Winter 2019

The Hottest Footwear for Autumn/Winter 2019
The Hottest Footwear for Autumn/Winter 2019
The Hottest Footwear for Autumn/Winter 2019

It might be Summer where I live, but not all of my readers. You reading this right now, may not live in the States or be experiencing Summer at the moment...

So here are a few footwear options that are trending at the moment for all you gals in Fall/Winter mode! ;)


Get ready to pack away your sandals and summery trainers – the hottest footwear trends for autumn and winter this year are here, and the colder weather is just around the corner. And, the runway styles for the season have been a refreshing change for many, with a larger focus on practical, comfortable footwear to keep you warm and supported on cold and blustery days. There’s been a shift away from skinny stilettos, with a much bigger preference for blockier, sturdier heels. But surprisingly, trainers have been less popular compared to previous seasons, with designers finding new ways to show off their active side. Here are some of the biggest trends in footwear that you are bound to want in your wardrobe in time for autumn and winter.

#1. Platform Heels:

With 70’s, 80’s and 90’s style fashion making a distinct comeback, it’s no surprise that platform heels are at the top of the list. And, there is certainly no better pair of shoes to match up with your flared jeans and a long, fur-lined coat this autumn. Michael Kors are heading the look, with snakeskin platform heels showing off the collection. Longchamp and Dries Van Noten are no stranger to the distinct platform look for this season, and for those who are eco-conscious, or want a cruelty-free option for their footwear, Stella McCartney’s platform heeled boots come in a wide range of choices with colours ranging from black to hazel to blue, paired with a textured rubber platform.

#2. Punk Platforms:

For those going for a distinct 90’s vibe with their outfit choices, punk platforms are certainly coming back around for this autumn and winter. Platform Doc Martens are expected to be huge once again, and for those who want to add a feminine element to their punk-inspired look, there are several floral prints to choose from, softening the look and going well with the overall grunge look that’s set to be hot this season. British punk with a modern twist is a signature look by Alexander McQueen for autumn and winter 2019, with big, shiny punk platform boots stealing the show.

#3. Ankle Boots:

Ankle boots are an autumn and winter footwear trend that you can count on every year. Classic and timeless, a pair of black ankle boots will never go out of fashion, and they look great with both causal and professional outfits. Check out the great range of ankle boots available from Dune London – from classic plain colours to more adventurous animal prints and bright shades, there’s something to suit everybody’s taste.

#4. Rain Boots:

Wellington boots are a must for festivals and walking the dog, but for those who are expecting a lot of rain this autumn and winter, the great news is that they’re going to be coming back around again as a major footwear fashion choice. A pair of chic rain boots can look great and also make perfect sense for keeping your feet warm and dry during the colder months. For the ultimate look, Balenciaga rain boots are a must – they’re made of classic black leather and go with any autumn and winter outfit you’re rocking.

#5. Sock Boots:

Sock boots were huge in 2018 and they’re set to be back again for autumn and winter 2019. These calf hugging boots were a firm favourite with several celebs and socialites, and they look amazing with a skirt or a dress, making them an ideal choice for a winter night out or even wearing to the office. Opt for plain black or white for a classic look, or choose brighter colours and adventurous patterns to make a plainer outfit stand out from the crowd.

Which footwear looks are you going to be rocking this autumn and winter?

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