Luxury Brands That are Worth Investing in

Luxury Brands That are Worth Investing in
Luxury Brands That are Worth Investing in
Luxury Brands That are Worth Investing in


The physical appeal that luxury goods have is undeniable. From the high-quality materials to the attention-grabbing designs, it’s difficult to say no when the price tags come into reach. You probably know of one or more brands out there today that ride on their image as a means of skyrocketing their prices.

However, some designer labels have made the right moves for long enough to garner a positive reputation as a company that focuses on providing quality products that will serve you for a lifetime if taken care of. Investing in a high-quality product, especially when it comes to fashion, can actually save you money in the long run.

For example, a $500 handbag that lasts forever is much cheaper than buying a $75 handbag every few months because they keep falling apart. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best luxury brands out there today so that you know where to look when it comes to adding the next piece to your wardrobe.

Diane von Furstenberg

While you may not know the brand by name, their impact on the fashion world exceeds that of most labels out there. Diane von Furstenberg is basically the only reason the wrap-dress has become a wardrobe staple. Add the famous pattern-play design and you have yourself a classy investment piece.


Gucci was founded way back in 1921 by a fittingly named Guccio Gucci who wanted to fuel his passion for creating high-quality leather goods. Through their long existence as a high-end brand, Gucci has maintained its emphasis on making products that are worth investing in. One aspect where this is most evident is with their footwear.

Gucci sneakers are not only one of the hottest products in the fashion market today. They’re also extremely well made and can serve you for years to come. It’s only a matter of getting them at the right place. SSENSE stocks a wide variety of sneakers from the famous Italian brand and at great prices. Fast and affordable shipping comes as standard for extra value.


While there’s no denying that Balenciaga has gained some notoriety for their more playful products, they still maintain a strong reputation in the fashion world for the garments they take seriously. The French label carries a lot of weight in the designer goods world and has also gained prominence in the streetwear scene, thanks to their newer designs.


Givenchy’s obsession with opulence has helped the brand maintain a strong presence among the rich and famous. This makes buying one of their luxurious garments or handbags a great way to capture the lifestyle many of us dream of. Nothing screams effortless, sultry Parisian style like a Givenchy logo-adorned handbag.

Isabel Marant

This brand is better known for its crazy-expensive dresses. However, their jewelry is well worth a look. A pair of gold Isabel Marant earrings with some luxurious and unique spherical details are a worthwhile investment piece indeed.


We could all do with a bit of designer flair in our wardrobe. Spend your money right and you’ll have yourself something to cherish for a lifetime.

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