PINROSE. Scents To Go?

PINROSE. Scents To Go?
PINROSE. Scents To Go?

I recently discovered Pinrose.

Pinrose is a company that prides itself on creating perfume you can literally take with you "on-the-go" virtually anywhere. Really.

They come in single use packets (20 wipes for $24 in 10 different scents- 2 of each.)

These PARFUM à go-go! packets house one wipe (set to refresh and add the scent of your choosing to your skin) with one single swipe. The set also includes a pretty holographic zipper bag. Great for traveling with. HECK YES! Perfect for summer. Perfect anytime, really. And bonus? You can easily bring them all on an airplane. They don't come in fluid ounce form. Unless you want to buy the scent of your choice. Some are offered in 1oz bottles. My favorite is Merry Maker. It's filled with a sweet, citrusy punch of nectarine, grapefruit and plum. You can find their other 1oz bottles here.

Which one sounds like your favorite?

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