Becca Afterglow Palette

Becca Afterglow Palette

The Becca Afterglow Palette houses my favorite hilight Moonstone, along with Rose Gold and Topaz; a new one for me. All in a travel friendly palette that is sturdier than the Great Wall of China. Now, I can zip back and forth on a plane, train or automobile without worrying about shattering my individual hilights from Becca. It also includes my absolute favorite mineral powder blush, Wild Honey (in a cute lil' travel size!) Flowerchild is a new color for me, and let's just say, I am already smitten.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and an even brighter NEW YEAR! ;)

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anne-marie 01/01/2016 15:19


Tess 12/31/2015 00:20

Great colors!

Dara 12/30/2015 17:27

It is fab xx