Michael Hill Jewelry

Michael Hill Jewelry
Michael Hill Jewelry

When it comes to selecting the right accessories, jewelry and personalized gifts for your significant other (and even yourself) elegance, individualism and creativity is always key. In my personal experience, being presented with an extraordinary piece of jewelry, hand picked, designed and certainly chosen with myself in mind, is a wonderful feeling. My engagement ring could not have been designed or picked better if I had done it myself. My husband knew me, and chose correctly. A ring, a piece of jewelry, a dazzling gift; all worth more because of the love put behind the present. That's why I love finding websites and jewelry specialists that offer a variety of selections, all tasteful and all, beautiful to select from.

Founded in 1979, designing timeless pieces that bring out your best.

At Michael Hill, "We believe jewelry is a mark of love. It says someone loves you, even if that someone is yourself."

From women’s bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and chains, to men’s accessories and watches, there are so many ways to show how you feel. Our engagement rings, wedding bands and exclusive collections aren’t just beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry, but declarations of love. Michael Hill. We’re For Love.

Michael Hill Jewelry
Michael Hill Jewelry

Michael Hill States:

That's why we remain one of the few jewelry retailers that have an in-house team of master craftsmen – dedicated to creating your future heirlooms and keepsakes while continuously perfecting their craft.

For over 30 years we've shared our vision locally and globally with customers in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States, and we've earned the reputation for quality jewelry along the way.

We thoughtfully source our materials from leading designers and diamond suppliers. Our strong relationships with them ensure only top-quality pieces make it through our doors. If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, we want to know.

Our Michael Hill Diamond Promise and International Lifetime Diamond Warranty are here to resolve any issues and make sure your satisfaction with our products will stand the test of time. And we'll continue to craft the special pieces for every one-of-a-kind occasion, person and purpose in your life.

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