Hallmark and Your Signature Style!

Hallmark and Your Signature Style!
Hallmark and Your Signature Style!
Hallmark and Your Signature Style!

Hallmark Signature offers unique and fashionable greeting cards to help you say it with style. Well dressed and well said, your style is as unique as your signature. Being a Fashion and Illustration lover, these cards seemed like a perfect fit.

My #SignatureStyle comes from my #OOTD posts or maybe a beauty related snap on instagram. Even a perfect polished manicure. I thought these 3 cards above summed up my personal and #SignatureStyle quite well. ;)

What's your #SignatureStyle?

The way that each card is unique, stylish and can stand as an individual on its own, appeals to me. That IS exactly what fashion is all about. Individuality!

I love the additional details each card brings to the table. For example the flamingoes have actual feathers on them (well, faux) but you get the idea. The chalkboard card comes with a pencil to create your own personalized message for your loved one to enjoy. And the fashionista card is adorned with a high ponytail in a real pink ribbon bow.

I will save these 3 cards to send out accordingly to family members (and loved ones) on their special days; such as birthday and when congratulations are in order!

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Like them all :)
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