Summer Style: How to Plan the Perfect Beach Day!

Summer Style: How to Plan the Perfect Beach Day!

Summer Style: 3D-Printed Products for Your Next Beach Day

Think of the perfect beach outing with your family — you’ve brought some sandwiches and snacks, boogie boards for the kids, a page-turner to read, and a few giant towels for everyone to lay out in the sun. To make the day even more special, 3D printing technology has expanded the possibilities for beach fun, with toys that help you build sand castles, custom shoes made for water activities, and special rollers that imprint cool patterns into the sand.

Although you don’t need much to enjoy a sunny day on the shore, most children love playing with sand molds and plastic tools, creating sculptures and moats as a setting for their fantasy world. Many of these 3D-printed summer accessories are available online as free downloads, so if you have a desktop printer, you can have your children choose a favorite color for their next toy and then print it at home. Below, we’ve shared a few of the latest beach-friendly products.

Sand Rollers

At first, it might look like a strange accessory for painters, but Freshfiber’s Sand Pattern Rollers are actually made for beach play. Each of the three interchangeable rollers are indented with fun designs — pebbles, starfish/seashells, and seagull tracks — which attach to an easy-grip handle so your kids can draw patterns in the sand. With this deceptively simple tool, children have the power to write their name in seashell letters, establish the boundaries for their sand fortress, and play tic-tac-toe with their friends. The beach is like a blank canvas for kids to express their creativity, and these patterned rollers are the paintbrush.

Octopus Sand Kit

Beach toys are all about inspiring your child’s imagination, so they’ll definitely love this set of tools that looks just like a sea creature. Designed by Freshfiber, the kit centers on a bucket shaped like an octopus head, and each of its tentacles is a different specialty tool. There’s a rake, scoop, shovel, starfish mold, funnel, and a sand sifter — enough gadgets and sand molds to create the ultimate castle.

Summer Style: How to Plan the Perfect Beach Day!

Custom Beach Shoes

On a more practical note, it can be difficult to find the right footwear to bring on an extended beach trip, especially if you’re not a fan of flip-flops. To help streamline your next shoe purchase, the Feetz company has started taking preorders for 3D-printed custom footwear. One of their current styles, Beach Feetz, is made from a durable filament that can withstand exposure to sand and seawater. The breathable design looks like a futuristic pair of Crocs, and is perfectly contoured to the shape of your foot.

Surf Storage

Finally, for the surf connoisseurs out there, Freshfiber has come up with an all-in-one accessory that holds your wax and a set of keys. Held together with magnets, this portable container has ridges on the outside, which are perfect as a wax comb. There’s even a bottle opener on the inside of the lid, so you can crack open a few drinks after a long surf session.

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