Reasons to Spray Tan

Reasons to Spray Tan

Reasons To Spray Tan

If you don't want to lay in the hot sun just to get color on your skin, then consider spray tans in Sydney. You will get the benefit of a beautiful glow without all of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

When you use spray tanning, you will get the color that you want. There won't be an orange color like you would find with lotions, and you won't see the streaks that you might get if you were to use a product yourself. Your color will depend on how many times you go to the tanning salon. Some salons have a way to give you a darker color with the spray after you have started tanning. The chemicals used can be adjusted for specific skin tones so that you get the best results possible.

A spray tan is often faster than laying in a tanning bed, and it gives results faster than being in the sun every day. It only takes about 15 minutes for the spray process to complete. You might not see the complete results the first time that you go, but you will soon see that your skin has a bronze color that you won't get anywhere else. Solutions dry in a short amount of time, so after you go to the salon a few times, you will be able to see results. Tans will last for about 10 days depending on how often you are in the water. It can last a few days longer if you don't rub the skin when drying. It's also important to keep the skin moisturized so that the color will stay as long as possible and so that the skin won't dry out.

Spray tanning won't give you the premature aging look that you might see others have who lay in the sun for long periods of time. You won't get burnt by the sun, being uncomfortable while doing daily activities. Tanning can give you a slimmer appearance. You can get a spray tan at any time of the year so that you have a bronzed look for holiday parties, the prom, a wedding or any other special event.

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