5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

Now that Spring has sprung, the first thing I’m looking to buy are cute new shoes. But—instead of just buying any old shoes—I want a pair of shoes that give back to my community in some way. Which is why I was so excited to hear about all these shoe collaborations, from designers I love, that donate a percentage of their proceeds to animal cruelty prevention organizations. So, in honor of all the cats and dogs that have a special place in my heart, I’m bringing you five ways to support your furry friends with every step. Literally. Whether it’s the ASPCA, The Badger Team, or WWF—put your heart and your wallet in the same place this season. And rock some adorable kicks at the same time.

One Day Without Shoes

I’m sure you’ve heard of TOMS—the innovative shoe company that donates a shoe to a child need every time you buy one—but I bet you haven’t heard of their upcoming One Day Without Shoes Campaign. This year, on May 21st, pledge to go one day without wearing shoes, in order to raise awareness for the millions of people around the world who don’t have shoes to wear. And then, when you want to wear shoes again, buy a pair of these rhino-printed Toms slippers in order to support the World Wildlife Fund in its global efforts to protect rhinos! You know what makes the deal even sweeter? Getting 25% off your order.

5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

Vegan Shoes

Wearing animal-free shoes doesn’t have to mean Birkenstocks anymore. Tons of cute, boutique “slow design” shoe companies have been cropping up over the past few years—each with heartfelt missions and tons of pretty, stylish shoes to boot. Why go vegan? Wearing animal-free shoes means using materials that don’t involve animal cruelty and that don’t need to use harmful chemicals to tan leather. Vegan shoes are good for our furry friends and for the environment—and with such cute styles, they really are hard to resist! Check out these adorable sandals by Free People, and get free shipping on your purchase.

5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

In honor of the great, and important, work that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) does for rescuing homeless and abused animals all over the country—VANS has decided to make a shoe that directly supports them! Together they have created an adorable line of animal-conscious shoes that donate back to the ASPCA. They come in a variety of shoe models, and in two styles: one covered with puppies, and the other covered with kittens. The hard part? Deciding which pair to buy!

5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

Team Eloise!

Not only are these adorable slippers vegan, they also directly support a U.K. non-profit, called Team Badger, which works on a grassroots level to stop the rampant shooting of suburban badgers, an epidemic currently occurring in the U.K. They come from an adorable vegan shoe company called Bourgeois Boheme—I definitely recommend checking out the rest of their chic footwares. But, I have my heart set on these—they are the perfect slip-on loafers for Spring, and the little badgers are so cute!

5 Shoes That Give Back To Animals With Each Step

Meow These Are Cute

Rock these adorable kitten slip-ons, in order to start conversations with your friends about how much you love animals. And when you use Goodshop to buy them, you’ll not only get up to 20% off your purchase—but you’ll also get a free 1.5% donation to any animal related non-profit of your choosing! What a score for your local animal rescue shelter.

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