Professional Dress Guide

Professional Dress Guide
Professional Dress Guide

Professional Fit and Flare Dress Ideas

By Ever Pretty US

Fit-and-flare dresses are the best of both worlds: fitted to the waist with a cute flared skirt belling out underneath. These dresses are flattering on practically all body types, emphasizing your natural waist, making your legs look longer, and camouflaging any bulkiness around your hips and thighs. Fit-and-flare is equally at home at the office, on a date, or out with friends, but no matter the context they look best when styled correctly. Try these tips to get the best look out of your fit-and-flare dress.

Have the Right Foundation Garments

The right bra is key to making your fit-and-flare dress more flattering. Start with a professional bra fitting to ensure your undergarments are the right size and don’t cause any unflattering pinching. Next, choose a bra with clean lines that you can be sure won’t show through the fabric of the dress. Wearing shapewear isn’t necessary, but it can help smooth out your silhouette.

Look at Design Details

Most fit-and-flare dresses have the same basic shape, but there are variations in the overall design that affect how flattering they look on different body types. For example, lower cut dresses tend to look better on big-busted women, but they should leave the button-front dresses for their smaller-busted friends.

Layer Dresses

Pay attention to fit and proportion when layering items over dresses. Make sure that cardigans and jackets end close to your natural waist and have structure that helps maintain the shape established by the fit-and-flare dress. You can also layer under dresses when the weather turn chilly. Put lightweight turtlenecks under short-sleeved dresses to take them from summer to winter.

Accessorize Smartly

Add a belt to fit-and-flare dresses to accentuate your natural waist. Pair midi-length dresses with heels to make your legs look longer, but feel free to wear flats or heels of any height with shorter skirts. A nice bag and some pretty jewelry are the perfect ways to round out your look.

Find a silhouette that flatters you, and then enjoy your new fit-and-flare look.

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I adore the post, but I am just so against skirts and dresses lol! I think they have their time and place, but I just think most women look too incredible in pants to pass up wearing them on most occasions!
This is so great! Thanks for posting!