Music is Magic

Music is Magic
Music is Magic

Music is the one thing (other than modern medicine) that can save just about anybody's life. Trust me. Try spending a few days, or even just one day, without listening to music. Watch how your mood will change. Singing along to Britney Spears in your car (no matter how off key you are) will make you chipper throughout your day, than driving in utter silence. Music is powerful. It can bring back memories, happy thoughts and even inspire you. Without music, I think we would all be lost. I love music very much, it's part of my daily life. I enjoy everything from classical music, to jazz, hip hop, pop, psychedelic rock to ska. I like it all. I love world music too. For me, music is my oxygen! ;)

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Amellia 09/23/2020 10:47

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anne-marie 04/15/2015 22:35

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