Commonly Used Furs for Garments

Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments
Commonly Used Furs for Garments

[A little fur wearing action mix of Myself, Francoise Hardy, fifties Vogue, Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, and Gene Tierney.]

Fur coats have been a symbol of status and sophistication since the very earliest days of creation. Early man used furs and pelts as a material for clothing out of necessity. However, today’s fur coats, stoles and hats are symbolic of wealth, status and culture. There are a number of furs that are used to create beautiful fur accessories, each with its own benefits. And while any fur can be used to create high end clothing items, there are several commonly used furs that make up the predominance of garments made of fur. Here is a listing of the most commonly used furs in the fashion industry.

Rabbit fur is a commonly used fur in the creation of a variety of fur products. Rabbit fur is soft, light, and reasonably priced, making it more affordable for people to obtain fur garments. Rabbit fur can easily be manipulated to resemble more expensive furs or to create more outlandish styles. Rabbit fur can be found in coats, to line gloves, as hats and in other items.

Chinchilla fur is also a commonly used fur in a variety of garments. It is highly regarded as one of the softest furs used in the fashion industry. Chinchilla fur is incredibly dense with over 20,000 hairs per square centimeter. However, it remains exceptionally light and breathable. Chinchilla garments include coats, hats and more. It is considerably more expensive than rabbit fur garments, even though the versatility of chinchilla hair is considerably less.

Fox fur is considered one of the most luxurious furs to own, second only to mink. Fox fur is soft and dense, being comprised of two distinct layers: long guard hairs and a thick underfur. Fox fur is used primarily in fur coats, fur cufflinks, wraps and headbands. Fox fur comes in a variety of color variations that include red, silver, gray and white.

When it comes to owning the most luxurious fur, mink definitely tops the list. Mink fur is valued for its texture and color as well as its incredible insulating quality. Mink is often used in fur coats, while stoles, hats, wraps, and many other garments can be made from mink. Mink fur garments are not only beautiful but also durable and will last for many years. The best mink furs come from the U.S. and Denmark.

Fur is a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. Of course, there are those who believe that wearing fur contributes to animal cruelty. However, the best fur garment manufacturers use only humane methods for procuring the furs they use in their garments. Visit their website for more information.


DISCLAIMER: I, personally only wear FAUX FURS. However, if a vintage fur was gifted my way (inherited, thrifted, etc.) I consider it OK. Therefore, I only purchase and wear faux furs. At the moment, they are my favorite style to wear. All the chic with zero of the guilt! ;)

Furs will always be chic; how they were worn in the old glam movies, the same way cigarettes 'look cool' - doesn't mean I have to wear real fur or smoke though. That's Hollywood for ya! ;)


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Altogether wonderful! Animal friendly <3
I am a big fan of furs and these lists of yours is really gorgeous!
They can be sophisticated and casual at the same time.
Love it!

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These jackets are so cool!!!
Love how sophisticated you look in the fur coat! And so glad that faux fur products are readily available so most of us can enjoy this style as well without the need to feel guilty!