When I first started shaving my legs, people used to think I was an animal. I would come out of the shower with knicks and cuts and then have to mend it all with ointment and bandaids. I was gentle, I promise. I had (and still have) very sensitive skin. For a few years now, I have (no pun intended) embraced the Gillette Venus Embrace razors.

Recently though, I was lucky enough to be sent the new and improved Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor to test drive for myself. The regular one that I used to use (don't get me wrong, it's still amazing!) almost seemed obsolete. Targeted for sensitive skin. Gliding easily, creating a silky smooth soft shave every time. Not to mention, leaving your skin feeling moisturized when finished. You end with a very close shave that lasts close to 4 days. THIS, my friends, is my new Holy Grail of razors, soulmate and best friend!

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Tumelo 12/15/2014 06:42

My worst nightmare due to shaving is bumps#ingrown hair# how does one deal with that

anne-marie 12/14/2014 22:56

I have not tried it yet

ivana split 12/14/2014 21:13

I must try it!

Eilidh 12/14/2014 17:41

This sounds good - I always use the normal venus but I have really sensitive skin so could do with something like this!

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FASHION CHALET 12/14/2014 18:43

Try it and see :)