Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)

Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)
Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)
Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)
Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)
Giving Looks Good On You! (TOMS for Target)

Starting November 16th, for every TOMS for Target limited edition gift purchased, Target is giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. One-for-One. For All. Go back to basics and remember what the true holiday spirit is about—giving back and creating joy and simplicity.

With each TOMS for Target gift purchased, a gift will be made to a person in need.

Each item will donate one of the following items:

  • One week of meals, via Feeding America (U.S.) and Food Banks Canada (Canada)
  • One pair of shoes, via TOMS (shoes for shoes only)
  • One blanket, via American Redcross (U.S.) and Canadian Redcross (Canada)

In celebration of TOMS for Target and giving back to those in need, I was inspired to create a gift guide for this upcoming holiday season. My favorite way to give back during the holiday seasons (and year-round, when I can) is donating books to children and teens in hospitals. I think reading is very important. It's an escape, it's adventure and it's learning in a fun way. My vocabulary increased and doubled the more I read as a child. The bookstore is still my favorite place. To this day, words and phrases stick with me after having read them in my favorites books.

How do you give back?

What do you do this time of year to truly get into the spirit of the holidays?

When shopping & sharing
use the hashtag #TOMSforTarget

Compensation for this post was provided by Target via AOL Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target or AOL.

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How great!
What a nice initiative!


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Great picks!

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such an amazing collab!

giveaway on my blog!

Accidental Icon 11/10/2014 16:18

I love buying clothes or items that tell a story of giving. Every time I wear or use them I remember the story and take the time to be thankful for my good fortune. My new post talks about how objects and clothes are like a tangible memoir that tells the story of who you are to the world. I just bought really hip and modern glasses from Warby Parker another organization like Tom's that helps you make giving a part of your life story.
Accidental Icon