Add Some Spice This Thanksgiving!

Add Some Spice This Thanksgiving!

Target Wedding's November theme is "Add Some Spice." It encourages couples to bring both of their personalities to their Thanksgiving spread this year.

As the days get colder, the kitchen becomes the heart of activity. What better way for a couple to learn a little bit about cooking (and one another!) than by testing out some new and adventurous recipes that let both their unique personalities shine? From a tranquil dinner for two to a decked out Thanksgiving spread, a Target Wedding registry sets you up with all the tools, trimmings and ingredients for epic kitchen feats and delicious feasts all season long.

Add Some Spice This Thanksgiving!

My husband and I can't have Thanksgiving without our string bean casserole. It reminds us both of the Holidays when we were younger. Our family always made this dish on Thanksgiving, and to this day, we continue the tradition by making it ourselves. A delicious dish, as well as pretty easy to prepare. And, it makes plenty of leftovers. Bonus indeed! ;)

Add Some Spice This Thanksgiving!

It might seem old fashioned, but I have always gone by the old adage: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Apart from Fashion, Beauty and Music; Cooking, that's my other passion! I like that I can create a meal specific to my personal tastes and preferences- as well as my husband's. We have fun cooking meals together too. For the perfect meal, you need the perfect cookware set. Look no further than Target. Their Calphalon stainless steel cookware is magnifique!


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What do you like to cook with your significant other?

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Craig Alan 11/30/2014 04:32

Great post.

Tess 11/27/2014 19:16

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Great food, family, and time to reflect on all our blessings!

Jeanne 11/27/2014 06:38

How cool!

lillia 11/26/2014 16:21

lovely choices :)