Exciting New Changes Ahead

Exciting New Changes Ahead
Exciting New Changes Ahead
Exciting New Changes Ahead
Exciting New Changes Ahead

New things are coming to Fashion Chalet. I'm working on a couple of fun new projects. And, I am hoping to share so much more with you. I am still planning to share my outfit posts with you on the regular. Don't worry. :)

However, I am also going to start incorporating some new things into the blog. What? You may ask. Well, more beauty for starters. And videos. Yes, videos. I hope to share more of my makeup finds and tips via video. This way I can share my personality (and voice) with you. I find it easier to review products in video form than written form sometimes. Also, I will be sharing videos reviewing other kinds of product (and hauls) with you as well.. maybe even some recipes too? ;)


In the meanwhile, don't fret. My blog will stay the same. I will just be offering you new (more adventurous) content. So, stay tuned. Hope you enjoy!!


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Can't wait to see what's at the end of the rainbow :)
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