Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl
Lars and the Real Girl
Lars and the Real Girl
Lars and the Real Girl
Lars and the Real Girl

I never watched this movie when it first came out. Then I kept seeing the cover pop up on Netflix. Still, I didn't watch. It was while I was on Spotify that I found the mellow, whimsical soundtrack, and finally I took notice. I watched it that night and now I just want to share my personal review with you on the film. Completely unbiased, of course. As I'm not a Gosling fanatic as most every other girl on the planet seems to be. In this film, he wasn't clean-cut and clean-shaven, if anything, Ryan looked sloppy and depressed. Yet, this allows you as the viewer to truly get to know the character, without any superficial notions. Lars has heart and this movie, although somewhat slow-paced, had a lot of heart too. I found it warm and illuminating. We all get lonely sometimes. Everyone needs a companion. Even if it's an imaginary friend. Love is the most important feeling for a human being. We all need it, crave it. Some search the World for years, or even their whole life in hopes of finding "the one" to make them feel complete and whole. This movie kept my attention. Made me laugh, smile and cry. I would watch it again. I also want to recommend you to watch it; if you already haven't. ;)

Have you seen it? I'd love to read your thoughts. :)

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Madison 07/01/2014 05:50

I saw this movie this past year in college, and a semester later one of my classes covered people with the same sexuality or sexual tendencies as Gosling's character. It was really interesting, and strange, as this concept was very foreign to me, to get into what those who are like this are like. But Ryan did a kick-butt job portraying Lars in the movie. I literally saw him only for his character and not as his celebrity-status person.
Madison @

Jeanne 06/13/2014 06:54

Looks so funny!

Alexandra 06/13/2014 05:56

This is such a wonderful movie! Very interesting review!

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Maggiecallife 06/12/2014 19:04

Perfect post as tonight I'm looking for a movie to watch with my boyfriend. Definitely will give it a try :)

FASHION CHALET 06/12/2014 19:46

Yes try it. Tell me what he and you both think. Mine watched for about 30 minutes then kept falling asleep and playing on his phone- ha! But he sat with me through the entire thing. BONUS POINTS! ;)

Rory 06/12/2014 18:56

After your review, I think I just may see it! I am not a gosling fan either, but I kind of appreciate that he doesn't look up to his usual self in this. I'll be watching this soon!

FASHION CHALET 06/12/2014 19:45

I liked it a lot. I like quirky films though. I think if you have a sensitive spot for tales about love- you'll like it too. :)