Your Eyes Should Sparkle and Dance with Laughter

Your Eyes Should Sparkle and Dance with Laughter

How do you look at life?

What makes you happy?

What makes you smile?

What makes you love unconditionally?


"People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


When I'm feeling down, here's a list of a few simple things that can turn my frown upside down

into a vibrant smile!


Painting my nails. There is something so therapeutic (and calming) about doing this while watching TV or listening to a favorite playlist.

Watching my Favorite TV Show. There are few shows I connect with, but when I do, it's a keeper. I tend to go for high school centric, dramas and comedies. When I feel the need to pop in something that will make me smile it's usually: Gilmore girls, Sex and the City or Modern Family. When I want something darker or mysterious. It's Pretty Little Liars, Dexter and Fargo.

Eating a Salad. One of my indulgences is making myself a large bowl of salad for lunch. I mix in romaine greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, chopped green onion, shredded cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes and then douse it all in Wishbone Italian dressing. Divine!

Go to the Beach! Nothing better than the beach. The salt air, the sound of the ocean. A picnic with your soulmate perhaps? Yes, the beach cures most everything.

Kisses and Hugs. Everybody always feels better after a little bit of affection.

Looking at Old Photos. I always enjoy opening up an old photo album of me as a kid. Seeing moments from the past that quickly evoke memories of that childhood giddiness and an instant smile. Like the time my cousin and I dressed up for a halloween party, she was 5 and I was 7. Ballerina and Princess, respectively. Bobbing for apples and trying not to lose our tiaras in the water.

Sleeping. They say if you get enough sleep each night, you can lose weight, look prettier and feel more energized. It also keeps the grumpiness away. So spray those pillows with some lavender, cuddle under the sheets and allow yourself a sweet 8 hours of sleep.

Animals. Maybe you had a bad day at work, or an encounter on the road. When you get home and see your kitten tumbling on the ground out of excitement of your return, you'll smile. Or when she reaches her paw out to pet you.

Music. I'm pretty sure they've run tests on this. A person who hasn't listened to any good music they personally enjoy in over 48 hours versus the person who listens to their favorite mixes every day has to be a lot more joyful than the former. I know a good song can cheer me up.

SMILE! It's contagious. You never know how you are affecting someone's day with just a smile. And hey, you'll probably feel better for it too. :)

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The same thng...I do...painting nails..and listening. ..the best playlist. ..with black makes me feel good...even wen no one can..
I love the sound of a champagne cork opening as it makes me smile. No matter where I am, when I hear the POP, I cannot help but feel happy. Cheers Robbie from Avenue K
That does sound soothing <3
When I'm feeling down I treat myself to a seriously XL sugary latte, my favorite TV shows (Sex and the City is one of my loves too!), and sweat pants. I just take some time for myself and feel much better. If I lived near a beach though, that would certainly be my first go-to when needing a lift.
Also--I haven't started watching Fargo, but love the movie! Is the series good? I can't get enough of Martin Freeman :) xx
Oh I love chocolate too! ;) Lattes or cocoa. Yum! Thanks for taking the time to read and commenting as well! Yes, Fargo the show is good. Fast-paced, satirical and fun. <3
Hey Erika!! What a great uplifting post! I swear as I was reading it, it seemed as though this could have been written from me personally! I connected with everything you had listed that makes you happy! From the polishes to the shows to the animals. What a GREAT read! :) xx

Thanks for taking the time to comment- means a lot! :)
That makes me so happy to hear. I really enjoyed writing this post. Maybe more like this to come? :)
My little pups can always cheer me up and make me smile!

Too cute :)