Before and After DIY "Wooden Letters"

Before and After DIY "Wooden Letters"

I have been on a hunt for the perfect wooden letters (in vintage white) with my initial "E" and my soon to be last name initial "K". Though, I never thought it would be so hard to find white wooden letter initials. The other day, whilst looking for some home goods at TJ Maxx, I stumbled across these ... unfortunately in a green color I didn't quite care for. So much so, I passed them up. After a conversation with my Mom about it, she was the one who advised me to just paint them. So indeed I did. I got in my car, drove straight to TJ Maxx, and alas, my lucky initials were still there. Thanks for the idea and encouragement, Mom! ;)

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Nico 04/14/2014 15:15

So much nice!

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fashionchalet 04/14/2014 17:11

Thanks :)

linnie 04/13/2014 23:16

Good job

I like the white alot more tio

fashionchalet 04/14/2014 17:11

Thank you :)