Wedding Countdown

Wedding Countdown

I can't believe it, in just 2 months, my Wedding day will be here. Well, I guess I should say, Our Wedding day. It feels like only yesterday when he proposed. ;D


I'm in the middle of finding ideas for my hair and makeup. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Feel free to share links with me as well.

Happy Thursday! <3

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Maria Economidou 02/21/2014 20:48

Oh my god that's amazing!! Good luck with the wedding planning!!! :)

Laura 02/21/2014 00:11

Why did I think you were already married?

fashion chalet 02/21/2014 04:59

I got engaged last year. Maybe that triggered it? :-)

Timi 02/20/2014 18:27

Great post!


fashion chalet 02/21/2014 04:59

Thank You! :-)