Moschino Takes a Wrong Turn

Moschino Takes a Wrong Turn
Moschino Takes a Wrong Turn
Moschino Takes a Wrong Turn

Fashion Week (or rather month) is always about spotting the latest looks and deciding for yourself what you will want to wear, come the collections. With Milan Fashion Week wrapping up, I saw something that truly disappointed me. Women's fashions have always been about the "latest trend" and it changes ever so quickly. This is true. I'm all for experimenting and creating. That IS what fashion is all about right? However, when Jeremy Scott was enlisted to create this season's collection for Moschino, I was taken aback. You are no Andy Warhol and this is definitely not original creativity.


Models dressed like waitresses from McDonald's ... who would wear that? What about the SpongeBob sweatshirts and hats? They wouldn't be welcome even in Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob lives!! And a dress fitted with the nutrition facts of a potato chip bag? A trash bag would look better belted on. Heck, I think it's safe to say even Lady Gaga would find it distasteful. When the final dress reminds me only of the newspaper print dress by Christian Dior, that Carrie Bradshaw wore iconic-ally on Sex and the City- it's hard to call any of this original. I can hardly believe all of the praise this collection has received. I'm usually very verbose when it comes to reviewing the collections, dotted with compliments and accolades. This time, however, I don't have many nice things to say. Unfortunately. I did find the french fry cell phone cases and some of the small handbags, even though easily knocking off Chanel, to be cute. As well as the silhouettes and short suits. I just think this could have been a lot better if individual creativity had been helmed.


Unless you're designing for Bjork or Lady Gaga, this doesn't cut it for the fashion elite. Clothing should be designed for actual wear not just for the effect of a show. This is not costume design, it's fashion. Don't let yourself be brainwashed. It's pivotal to have your own thoughts and feelings. Don't let other people change your opinion. Especially the critics. Trust your first instincts.


Would you like fries with that? ;)

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Ania soyelle 02/26/2014 10:21

So... the SpongeBob - for me it's too much. It's better for children, not for really women.

fashionchalet 02/26/2014 19:12

It's horrible. Yes :)

Fashion Musings Diary 02/25/2014 23:26

The collection is really special, to say the least, but I love the yellow polka dots .

fashionchalet 02/26/2014 00:23

I only (sort of) liked the bags! ;)

Olivia 02/25/2014 23:23

I'm glad I wansn't the only one wondering what that was all about!


Great Post!

fashionchalet 02/26/2014 00:23

THANK YOU! Ha ha, yes! :-)

Elisa 02/25/2014 22:43

Great post !!

My Fantabulous World

fashionchalet 02/25/2014 23:08

Thank you! :)

I had fun articulating my opinions, will have to do this more often. ;)

Nico 02/25/2014 22:13

To me is a fail!

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fashionchalet 02/25/2014 23:07

A definite F :(