Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric Blue Eyeliner



This is the best liquid eyeliner I have ever tried. It doesn't budge. At all. Stays on for 24 hours as promised. Instead of applying on wet and then smudging, it dries into an almost plastic-like line. Stays on all night. This is my favorite color. Although, I also have it in basic black.

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Jen 02/05/2014 02:01

Love the look of bright blue eyeliner. You wear it so well! xo

Joyce McDaniel 02/03/2014 21:26

Love to win this color. I have been purchasing many of the other colors available but really like this one.

Chiamaka Abasilim 02/03/2014 17:12

Very beautiful.


Nico 02/03/2014 16:18

Love it!

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Beauty Follower 02/03/2014 08:44

Such a fashionable look!