Seeing Red

Seeing Red
Seeing Red
Seeing Red
Seeing Red
Seeing Red

I have always been drawn to red. The color is so powerful. From pretty pouts to poofy skirts; the color always haunts me. I will usually choose my handbags, lipsticks, shoes and nail polish in red. What do you think about my red obsession?

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maria 01/20/2015 14:44

Do you know where i can find the dress on the 3rd photo??

Roz 01/28/2014 04:53

RED is my color……I love it and your selections; happy to know that someone else loves my passion for this regal, color of love! Love your images!

MEGASABI 01/25/2014 08:21

THE 1ST picture takes my breathe away... totally awesome... like WOW....RED is definitely a great color

anne-marie 01/24/2014 21:56

beautiful,I love the color red

FASHION CHALET 01/24/2014 23:06

Me too. Thank you :)

lena 01/23/2014 19:55


FASHION CHALET 01/23/2014 20:40

Me too. Dreams of owning them all! ;)