DIY Heart Nails

<center><b>OPI</b> and <b>SPOILED</b> Nail Lacquers</center>
<center><b>OPI</b> and <b>SPOILED</b> Nail Lacquers</center>

<center><b>OPI</b> and <b>SPOILED</b> Nail Lacquers</center>

Isn't this too cute? It was my first time trying a more intricate DIY on my own with nails. I painted little red hearts (in all shapes and sizes- free hand) with red nail polish on cellophane. I then cut them out once they were dry. After affixing them to my fingertips, I coated them with clear top coat. Two coats seemed best.

Easy as 1-2-3!


What do you think of my first nail polish DIY? Would you like to see more? :)

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anne-marie 01/30/2014 20:22

cute <3

fashionchalet 01/31/2014 19:43

Thank You :-)

Dana 01/29/2014 23:34

What a cute idea!! Will try to make my nails with heart! :)

fashionchalet 01/30/2014 18:50

Cool! Excited to see your results :-)

Sílvia Maia 01/29/2014 21:35

It is very nice!!!!

fashionchalet 01/30/2014 18:49

Thank you :-)