Wedding Shoes

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

OK, I know it's too cold to expose my toes this Winter. But I recently received these absolutely adorable sandals c/o Fibi & Clo. Thank you! I'm thinking ahead to next Spring. I'm pretty sure I will incorporate these gorgeous sandals into my wedding attire, some way some how. Maybe during my Rehearsal dinner perhaps? ;)

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Abby 12/04/2013 20:01

Oh wow I love these

xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

FASHION CHALET 12/05/2013 16:56


Naghmeh 12/04/2013 18:52

They are so beautiful and I think they would be perfect for your rehearsal dinner :)

FASHION CHALET 12/05/2013 16:56

Thank you! :)
I think I might have to get a pretty white bohemian dress for them ;)