My Sweater

My Sweater

I recently started watching THE CARRIE DIARIES on Netflix. Let's just say I'm kind of obsessed now. It's such a cute show. I love the characters and the clothes. How fun to be styled in eighties inspired looks each episode. When I spotted the character Maggie (Katie Findlay) wearing this sweater- I just had to have it. I scoured the internet for it. In the end, I found it. Can't wait to wear my new "Christmas sweater" on the blog soon! Stay tuned! ;D

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Ooh, a nice neutral closet staple sweater.
How'd you track it down??

Hmmm, I haven't watched The Carrie Diaries myself, and I actually know very little about it. I really liked Ugly Betty & Drop Dead Diva, and I've had it recommended... I should check it out!
Oh my, thats so cool! I'm excited :)

Thanks me too. So soft and so fun to wear :)