My Curves and Me

My Curves and Me


I'll admit when I was younger, in my pre-teens and early teens, I was very shy about showing my body. Nothing sleeveless or tight for me. I didn't even like feminine sandals. I was very shy around boys and I guess didn't want to call any extra attention to myself (or my body.) It's nice to learn that I wasn't the only one. Many girls will admit now that they were the same when younger. Remember Jessica Simpson? Eventually though, there comes a time when you both accept and embrace your body just the way it is. We are all unique. And that is what makes us individuals and special. Now I feel most comfortable in flattering clothing. Nothing too revealing still, but definitely more feminine. And guess what? I actually care about my undergarments too. They say if you feel sexy in your lingerie you can wear anything and conquer the world. Want to try?

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edi 12/09/2013 18:30

nice photos
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stella 12/08/2013 21:15

pretty pieces
i used to be shy too ;/