Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress


Wow how time likes to fly. When I was a little girl, I can't remember a Christmas where I didn't go to see The Nutcracker ballet. Now that I'm older, I miss it and want to go again. I used to dream of waking up in that magical Christmas land. The music, the dances, the ambience. A dream within a dream.

This dress makes me feel like I am in that Nutcracker Ballet, awake but dreaming...

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Abby 12/02/2013 14:00

What a gorgeous dress

xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

fashionchalet 12/02/2013 17:05

Thank you. It's vintage =)

Naghmeh 12/01/2013 22:41

That is a very pretty dress, so dreamy with the gold details :) and the nutcracker ballet is one I've been wanting to go in forever! I love the ballet and my favourite is Swan Lake!

fashionchalet 12/02/2013 17:05

Thank You :)
I never have seen swan lake, would like to!