I found a #smurf in my #gummibears #haribo surprise. Did I win something?? :-)

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Angi 11/18/2013 02:11

I love this how funny is that! I feel like someone planned that!

Angi@ cantbuymelovvve.blogspot.com

fashionchalet 11/18/2013 16:45

I thought it was a mistake but you could be right, it was only 1... ;)

Lindsey D 11/17/2013 18:06

Maybe you won a tour of the factory and are the soon to be new Haribo factory owner! ;)

Whimsical Allure

fashionchalet 11/18/2013 16:44

like Charlie & the chocolate factory??!! :-)

jessica rose 11/17/2013 17:59

Maybe you do win something.....have you informed them?

fashionchalet 11/18/2013 16:44

no.. how?!