Pre-Fall 2013 Outfit

Pre-Fall 2013 Outfit

Thinking of wearing this outfit soon. Perfect for Pre-Fall. A hi-low striped camisole tank from H&M, Lolly white watch, H&M Paris over the knee Boots, Zara statement necklace, Motel Rocks faux leather mini skirt and a Balenciaga first bag in Seafoam from 2005.


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junk car buyers 01/16/2015 01:38

Great set! I agree great for fall wear

Caroline (luna!) 10/01/2013 22:33

cute look and i really like how this is photographed instagram filter style!

Janet Deleuse 09/21/2013 19:37

Colorful skinny leather tooled belts

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Jenny 09/21/2013 08:08

Great look!!!

sinve 09/20/2013 22:55

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