Vintage Phone

vintage phone, audrey hepburn, breakfast at tiffanys

I'm just giddy with glee over this new piece of decor for my room. Jason's stepmom is amazing at finding antiques. When I approached her about seeking a pretty, vintage phone, she clearly lent a helping hand. All I said was: "Something like Audrey Hepburn's in Breakfast at Tiffany's." And the next day she found it for me. Is it weird to say I'm in Love with something made of metal? ;)

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L. 07/05/2013 15:05

Fantastic! Make sure to post a picture when it finds a home in your place!

Caroline Carpenter 06/28/2013 03:43

I can't believe she was able to find this for you! It's to die for. I'm totally crushing on it.

- I did tell you

Jen27 06/22/2013 15:26

Wow, this is gorgeous! What a great find! xo


Christina 06/20/2013 16:17

This phone is awesome! Love it!

3girls1apple 06/17/2013 16:14

Vintage anything is always beautiful! Great find!