Cinderella for a Day

Christian Louboutin slingback heels, fashion, line and dot polkadot dress
Christian Louboutin Slingback Heels

Another photo turned up from the Wedding I attended a few weeks ago. I initially wore my white ZARA strappy sandals. At one point, Jason's Mom let me try on her sparkling Louboutins. Now, if only I can persuade her to let me borrow them again... maybe for my Wedding day? ;)

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Jess Howard 07/11/2013 07:42

I absolutely adore these shoes, wish somebody would lend me their pair although I must admit I do try them on a lot in shops ;) Your whole look is really superb with both denim and polk-a-dots overtaking the high street this season I must say the mix is Fab <3

Come check my bloh out if you ever get a chance

Jess x

Christina 06/24/2013 15:53

Great shoes!

Danielle Drummond 06/24/2013 15:53

Yes! Such a fun take on a 'Cinderella-inspired' look! LOVE the blue polka dots - it's a very girly and vintage-y pattern!