Palazzo Pants

palazzo pants, fashion
palazzo pants, fashion

Palazzo pants seem to be making a comeback this Summer. I got these from my Grandmother who lives on the beach. I wanted to wear them while walking on the sand. Once back home, I found that they are perfect for Summer, anywhere. Comfortable and unique. I like Fashion because it's fun! Are you on board with this trend?

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Ainul 08/28/2013 16:34

Get your own colourful Palazzo pants at Lots of colours to go with and you can mix n match them with your daily outfits. I love how Palazzo pants is so comfortable and I can wear them anywhere, to work or even when I was heavily pregnant! Check out their bargain price. I got a few for myself there :)

McKenzie 05/15/2013 04:51

Not on board yet as I don't own appear, but dying to! I love this trend so much!

Chrisnawati Novia 05/07/2013 05:00

such a comfy pants i bet :D

Sandy a la Mode 05/06/2013 23:36

in love w/ your bag and pants!!

Sandy a la Mode

Gillian 05/06/2013 20:52

Way cool!