Wintergirls : Thinspiration?

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Since I can remember, terms like Thinspiration and Thinspo have been floating around the web like flies caught in spiderwebs. A term picked up by Pro-ana girls, referring to the promotion of eating disorders and girls with "perfect" bodies. In the eyes of many women, the media can play a bountiful of tricks on our minds with what is "beautiful" and socially acceptable. It's no wonder such a large number of young women suffer from eating disorders. I confess to counting calories on occasion. I do know though, that protein, water and vitamins are vital to my health. I just try to dine in moderation; and stay away from fried and fast foods. MyFitnessPal helps.

If you would like to read more about what a girl's life is like through the eyes of a calorie counter suffering from the gripping battle called anorexia: Laurie Halse Anderson does a wonderful job depicting just that. Read Wintergirls. For a little while, you can see how Lia views the World, and herself. [Teen, Fiction]

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DC in STYLE 04/16/2013 22:40

Sounds like a very interesting read, I've never cared about the amount of calories I ate, just try to eat healthy and exercise but I know that a lot of women have problems and it's very sad.

The Pocket Stylist 04/16/2013 18:57

How sad. I cannot believe people try to be that thin so sad. It is not attractive

The Pocket Stylist 04/16/2013 18:56

How sad. I cannot believe people try to be that thin so sad. It is not attractive

beautytipsgate 04/16/2013 16:29

the book seems to be nice i will read it as soon as possible thanx for sharing all stuff this my site
check it out

Shop Opal 04/16/2013 10:15

It's really sad the pressure society puts on us women to be thin. Will have to read this. Looks interesting