Nicole Richie's Best Outfits

Nicole Richie Style, Fashion

As we leave Winter and march into Spring, here are my top favorite looks from Nicole Richie. The way she is able to mix and match with the seasons, and effortlessly so, I am always impressed. Not to mention, inspired! :)

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Romwomen 03/14/2013 21:19

love it

Hiding In Heaven 03/14/2013 18:16

I love her style !! 3 & 4 have to be my favorites...

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She is totally my fashion icon! Love her.

Kate 03/14/2013 15:38

she is an icon. sometimes i think back to the skunk hair simple life days and can't believe its even the same person.

Lesley Orr 03/14/2013 12:03

She has awesome laid back Cali style.

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