Life Lessons from "How I Met Your Mother"

Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother

Thanks to Netflix, How I Met Your Mother is now one of my new favorite shows. I started in April of last year, and am midway through Season 5 right now. I tend to watch them with dinner. I like that they're only 22 minutes a piece. Sometimes, when I have the extra time, I'll sit through 3 episodes at a time. If you watch, who's your favorite character? Who's your least favorite? I like Barney- even better- Barney and Robin. Cutest couple. Ted can usually make me laugh too. But who can beat Barney? LEGEND-waitforit-DARY! ;)

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the law of attraction quotes 06/15/2016 13:18

The quality of your blogs and articles and worth appreciating.

Kane@Make Money Forex Trading 05/29/2013 05:22

That is my favorite TV drama.
I'm watching same episode again and again.
That much I love it
You listed nice and funny collection from it.

Mol C. Nichols 02/09/2013 10:33

Catch HIMYM every week and love Lily & Marshall's characters

Rhea 02/08/2013 21:18

I love How I met Your Mother! <3 My favourite has to be Barney! :D Loved the post!

Nita Lappalainen 02/08/2013 04:35

That show is my fave too. I love BARNEY!