2012 Best Of... Outfits (Part 1)

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Normally, each year, I compile and create a collage or two of my favorite looks worn from the past year. This time I decided to upload the full images in parts. Today I share with you, part 1 of my favorite looks from 2012. One of the many advantages of being a Fashion Blogger? Rifling through your own blog for outfit ideas to re-wear and/or find items you forgot you once wore and own... ;)

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Rhea 01/29/2013 02:21

You have such an amazing sense of style! Love your outfits. Very excited to see what you will come up with in 2013!

goodbadandfab 01/29/2013 00:05

Just lovely! =)

personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

Jen27 01/28/2013 01:07

Lovely selection of photos! Looking forward to more great looks in 2013 :)



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