Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag, Alexander Wang style handbag, Fashion

I was lucky enough to get to test out the waters with Little Black Bag. A website where you have your friends vote on the bag to pick. You can even trade with other users online. And, you get hair product samples and jewelry with each purchase. How fun is that? I went with a very Alexander Wang styled bag. This cross body bag will certainly take me into Fall.. don't you think? AND, GUESS WHAT?-- I have a promotional code for an extra free item worth up to $25 for new customers.

USE: 25FREEITEMerikam at Checkout.

Check out this Video of me opening my parcel the day it first arrived :)

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Wendy 09/08/2012 03:38

Interesting!!! I will certainly check this website.


Janet Mandell 09/06/2012 12:20

VERY cute bag! Perfect for every ocassion :)
Follow each other???
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Patricia Ayuso 09/06/2012 07:37

beautiful piece!!! love it

celia vallina 09/06/2012 03:09