Beauty in a Box from GLOSSYBOX

glossy box makeup, fashion
glossy box makeup, fashion
glossy box makeup, fashion

Do you enjoy receiving mail as much as I do? Do you like testing out new beauty products or hair products? With GLOSSYBOX you get 5 exciting travel-sized beauty products delivered each month. My Mom likes to peek inside the box as much as I do. And I'm nice enough to share... :)

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Ali Mackin 09/16/2012 14:47

Ah now I know what those boxes are about! There was one in the swag bag I got at the Lucky Fabb Conference. Then when I got to work there was one on the free table (empty of course). Great idea!

Nicole Richie Anon. 09/11/2012 05:38

When I finally have money to spare each month i'm definitely signing up to Glossy Box. I love trying new things.


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Cassandra Too 09/09/2012 03:18

I am so jealous of anyone who get access to glossybox! They have amazing stuff each time!

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Mira 09/09/2012 03:09

Yes absolutely but who doesn´t???