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Fashion Handbags, Fashion accessories, Mon Mode

Mon Mode- The luxury accessory every girl needs for her handbag! The handbag hook keeps your purse free from having to sit on the floor or any other unmentionable ("dirty") place. No more! A DESIGNER handbag accessory, made specifically to complement luxury designer totes and purses. It is the ONLY purse hook that is worthy of being called the modern woman's must have accessory, and the only one worthy of your statement bag this season!

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Fashion Handbags, Fashion accessories, Mon Mode

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Jessica LC 08/10/2012 01:59

I totally need one of these for school, I'm buying so many bags I would hate for them to get all dirty really fast. Besides I never put my bag on the ground ever.

PS check out my website pls!!

Nicole Richie Anon. 08/09/2012 13:20

I got given one of these on my internship last year. Their such a good idea. Apparently aside from keeping bags off dirty floors they stop bags being stolen so easily.


Mica 08/09/2012 05:03

Lovely! I have one a friend gave me as a gift, really handy for when I need to put my bag somewhere in a restaurant :)


Mira 08/09/2012 04:28

Very funny :D


TripsTreasures 08/09/2012 03:39

such a funny invention, they look pretty, but I think i'd forget to use it anyway

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