Marie Antoinette Would Wear this Ring

YSL Arty Oval Red Ring Style, Fashion
YSL Arty Oval Red Ring Style, Fashion

I was recently contacted by Alex Inn to play with a few pieces of her fabulous jewelry designs. My first choice? This YSL Arty Oval style ring in red. Remember how much I loved and wore my YSL turquoise one last summer here? And here.

The only thing this ring is missing is a room full of party guests and red velvet mini cakes à la Marie Antoniette (the Kirsten Dunst version) ...Mmm.


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The Purse Snatcher 01/23/2012 04:20

Gorgeous ring!

Lauren Hargrove 01/21/2012 23:12

And the beautiful gardens of Versailles... I could explore them for months!

Little Miss Shoeshine 01/21/2012 18:15

she's gorgeous! looks great with your polish!

Shop the World 01/21/2012 18:05

Great ring! Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Anerol 01/21/2012 13:32

Me encanta el anillo! Es precioso. Lo que pasa es que a penas puedo llevarlos en el trabajo no puedo llevar anillos, por higiene!

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