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How was your Thanksgiving yesterday? For those of you celebrating, hope it went well. I'm still stuffed. Today, I wanted to share a quick update with you on one of my Projects. A few months ago, I was approached by a local Style magazine to contribute my own column. Here I am hunting local boutiques for stylish pieces to wear in my third issue. I can't wait to share the looks I came up with ..soon. The next issue hits stands early 2012.

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Here are the previous two issues featuring Fashion Chalet in Triangle Style magazine. If you live in the Triangle, North Carolina area, be sure to pick up a copy at your local supermarket or library for a peek.


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M 11/28/2011 18:04

I am so curious to see what you've been up to!

Bostonista 11/27/2011 16:37

Thats so awesome! Congratulations!

Paula 11/27/2011 01:27

Congrats for your new project ^^

Michele 11/26/2011 14:49

Thats very n ice :)

Mónica C. Welton 11/26/2011 13:59

i'll be waiting, congrats :)