Favorite Summer Outfits

Fashion outfit Isabel Marant
Fashion outfit Neon, Chloe Sevigny
Fashion outfit Balenciaga
Fashion outfit, Bomber Jacket, Asos Pumpkin heels
Fashion outfit, Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120
Fashion outfit, Color blocking, Converse
Fashion outfit, One Teaspoon Mickey Shirt
Fashion outfit, Red Pleated Maxi Dress
Fashion outfit, Modcloth, Chanel bag

Some of my favorite outfit outtakes from Summer 2011. *Click each image to see the full post and details.

And now, some Random Facts About Myself:

+ I don’t like to walk barefoot except at the beach, on the warm sand. Indoors I’m always in slippers or sandals of some sort.

+ I prefer evaporated milk in my cereal and 2% in my coffee.

+ I tend to organize things numerically and/or alphabetically. With my Fashion magazines, it’s by date and month.

+ As a kid, I used to collect anything miniature. From stickers to erasers to Polly Pocket. Every now and again when I see something infinitesimally small, I’m reminded of my collecting phase.

+ I get really nervous around celebrities I admire. I also hate public speaking.

+ I used to turn down dates on Friday nights just so I could watch the TGIF lineup on Television. I’d always reschedule for a Saturday date night though! ;)

+ I like to plan everything. I always need to know “what’s next” on my schedule. Otherwise I cannot relax. I’m a Virgo, what can I say?

+ I love to read before bed. I go through books like water. I’m reading something new every 2 days.

+ I splurge on magazines the most when I’m traveling. I treat myself to tabloids and Fashion books to read on the plane. I also stock up my iPod with hundreds of songs.

+ I can’t sleep without hugging a pillow or stuffed animal.

+ I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood when I was little, walkman in tow. Singing along to my Free Willy Michael Jackson soundtrack.. the boys would tease me…. lol!

*Which Fact And/OR Outfit did you like the most? :)

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GloriaMejia 09/18/2011 19:08

hahah I laughed so much with you facts ! you are so cool! , well I really love all your summer outfits , that's your style! is so simple , clean and fabulous! , and i have to say that I'M ALSO A FREAK WHIT MY schedule!!!
HAHA hugs!
TheTrendyMachine - Gloria Mejia

sarah. 09/18/2011 07:50

OMG love these outfits!! especially the first one! love your pinkish shorts!


Vee4ViBranT 09/17/2011 21:59

wow i love your blog very different, love the outfits as well.

Adele 09/17/2011 11:59

I really love how you rock Converse Erika... don't see them much on the fashion blogs


Patricia 09/17/2011 11:58

love the little yellow dress and ankle booties darling ;)