Eagle in the Sky

Pamela Love Talon Cuff, Fashion, Hot Pink Neon nail polish
ModToast Talon Cuff (Style Inspired by Pamela Love)

The beautiful company behind this Talon Cuff are animal supporters, and I love that. Read more about them here.

With FAll TV back in schedule, what are you tuning into or tuning out? I've started getting back into: 90210 and Gossip girl, of course. Added to my queue: Revenge, The Playboy Club and PanAm. I still haven't had a chance to watch: The Secret Circle, Ringer, Terra Nova or Hart of Dixie. Any good? Reviews? I also can't wait for October 23rd to see what Once Upon a Time is all about. :)

P.S. I was recently interview by I-ELLA. You can read my answers here.

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Emmy 10/12/2011 14:42

makes me think a of harry potter and dragons =) so very cool i want one of this =)

beingzhenya 10/04/2011 12:10

This is on the fine line between edgy, cool and creepy! I know you can't draw a line between 3 things, but I tried :)

Alyssa 10/03/2011 18:12

That bracelet is stunning. And I just noticed your nail polish, really cute :]


Nicole Richie Anon. 10/02/2011 11:50

Really love that cuff. I'd been looking for a similar & cheaper alternative to the Pamela Love one for a while


Fashion Dynamite 10/02/2011 09:53

Thanks for showing this bracelet. I love that the designers support so many rescued animals. I'm going to have to buy something off their website very soon...most likely the talon bracelet!