Fluorescent and Friendship Bracelets

Fluorescent and Friendship Bracelets, Fashion
Fluorescent and Friendship Bracelets, Fashion
Noir neon bracelet, handmade friendship bracelets (similar here and here)

Growing up in the eighties, friendship bracelets were all the rage. I bet I still have some stashed away in my memory boxes. I used to buy them at the roller skating rink. My cousin and I would doll up our hair in big, poofy Madonna ponytails, wear chunky socks and pile on the friendship bracelets. I'm so glad neon friendship bracelets are back.

P.S. I will announce the winner of the red Kate bag giveaway soon. Good Luck!!

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Obat sipilis 02/02/2015 07:47


gold bracelets 10/29/2011 05:55

WOW, they look really beautiful bracelet! i definitely have to try to make those too! :)

ax_ELLE 07/25/2011 10:00

I was on aholiday with ùy family last week and I wanted to get as much friendship bracelets as possible. I came home with 2 leather ones --'. Apparently they don't often make these woven ones anymore... ♥-Axelle


fashionatlas 07/18/2011 14:44

Friendship bracelets are lovely xx

Carys 07/18/2011 07:24

I love friendship bracelets!!!! especially bright coloured ones.
I love some of the ones they do at primark at the moment