Dany Platforms in Black

Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms, Fashion, Shoes
Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms in Black (also in perforated nude, ostrich and silver)

Can you guess the rest of this Outfit? Hint: it's a little bit like yesterday's. Laid-back and casual. I can't wait to share it with you....

In other news I'm really excited about a Conference call I have tomorrow. Hint: Oui, Oui, Paris!! :)

Have a happy Wednesday..

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Julian Tanoto 07/21/2011 10:14

I love this shoes a lot!

Journal J

☆ Letizia 07/21/2011 08:26

they're gorgeous, massive but gorgeous!
cute colour too!

☆ Letizia

Elle 07/21/2011 06:31

Awesome platforms!!!

xx Elle from http://talonsetbonbons.blogspot.com/

FAB 07/21/2011 06:03

Great blog! FAB http://fabs.blogg.se

Rianna Bethany 07/21/2011 05:12

those heels look massive! I would not be able to walk in them at all!

oooh paris! Nice

Rianna xxx