Two Dresses

A 360 degree look at two of the dresses I wore this week: "French Connection dress" and "Gap Denim dress". See more on my YouTube Channel here.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to buy supplies for Mother's day ;)
Let me know what you thought in the Comment box below...

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Anonymous 05/10/2011 18:05


Anonymous 05/10/2011 18:04

Love it xx

Sharlxo 05/08/2011 12:15

great video!
looking beautiful as per usual
thanks for sharing

Alicia 05/08/2011 10:31

love the FC dress, so freaking cute!!



leonie 05/08/2011 02:25

cute vid...hit us up with more babe

btw do drop by my site as i have EXTENDED THE BRASHY x MONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY by a week. No harm trying your luck for a cool tshirt (: